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Kenya Evangelical Mission Support

Kenya Evangelical Mission has established 27 churches in three areas of  Kenya. They have built a Bible College to train young people as Pastors  and Christian workers in the ministry. They train people to raise crops  for self sufficiency as well as conducting classes to train village  people to be self-supporting in mechanics, carpentry, sewing, and  computer skills.

William Jessup University
Support Scholarship program

Teen Challenge Sacramento Valley

Compassion Planet

Convoy of Hope


Vine Life Ministries/Salt Mine — donations of money, food and clothing to help Lincoln community
Vine Life Ministries, Inc., a California nonprofit public benefit charity, with a purpose and mission of enhancing and improving the lives of the young people and their families, in the City of Lincoln, California and surrounding communities, hereby directs The Salt Mine, a subsidiary of Vine Life Ministries, Inc., to advance toward this goal by offering children's programs, youth programs, and adult training and teaching, as well as an aggressive feeding program that provides emergency food for needy families in the target area.

In 2010, The Salt Mine furnished over two million meals to local families, and of this number, sixty-seven percent were for youth and children. The Salt Mine provides a food box for needy families that will feed each person in that particular family three meals a day for a week. Food boxes for emergency needs are limited to one box per month. In addition, The Salt Mine administers the U.S.D.A. distribution program, and low income families can receive two (2) U.S.D.A. distributions each month. In addition to the organized and regulated food program, The Salt Mine offers daily meals to transients and distributes a "truck load of food" on Saturdays on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Davis Christian Fellowship
Davis Christian Fellowship, a Chi Alpha Ministry, is a ministry that serves our college students at the University of California, Davis.

Congregational Support to help those in need or sick
Pastor Tom Galovich • Office: 2169 Ashton Drive • Roseville, CA 95747 • (916)740-3044 •
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